Marvel Wallows in Nostalgia

This headline sums up for me the problems with the superhero genre:

Stan Lee Assembles The Avengers Again For The First Time!

(Also the problems most people have with true title case, but that’s just me.)

“Again for the first time” is an oxymoron. It’s an attempt to manufacture nostalgia, to promise increasingly aged readers the feeling of being a kid again… it’s a fool’s game, and no one will be satisfied by it, even with the highest hopes and the best intentions.

What this really is is a way to sell reprints in yet another format (after the hardcovers, softcovers, and DVD-ROMs). At $4 for 48 pages, you get a reprint (of something most of the target readers already own at least once) and two original backup tales. One is by Dwayne McDuffie and painter Michael Avon Oeming, the other by Stan Lee and Kevin Maguire.

Nice creative choices, but boy, they trucked out all the catchphrases (many of which are four decades old) for this one:

That’s right, True Believer, Stan “The Man” Lee is back with a brand new Avengers tale about how the Avengers really got together, featuring the art of fan favorite Kevin Maguire, in June’s Avengers Classic #1.

One Response to “Marvel Wallows in Nostalgia”

  1. mark thorpe Says:

    I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again, the superhero genre is flooded with characters and concepts that should have ended and died thirty or forty years ago. But people will say that just because something is old doesn’t mean it can’t still be relevent today. But we’re not talking about those comics written in the fifties and sixties, we’re talking about the here and now and this monopolized fanboy obsession with nostalgia. Are Batman Superman and Spider-man still relevent today? I don’t think so, myself. Has anyone watched an old Sooby-Doo episode from the 70’s recently? Sure, I have. But has anyone, honestly, watched any of the new ones that have been made in the past few years? Me neither.




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