Legion of Super-Heroes DVD Announced
May 26, 2007

TV Shows on DVD has the news: The first Legion of Super-Heroes DVD, containing four episodes of the cartoon, is due on August 28 at a list price of $14.97 US.

Legion of Super Heroes will be available on DVD with approx. 88 minutes of four 22-minute episodes:

LSH DVD cover

  • “Man of Tomorrow” — In their mission to travel back in time to retrieve Superman, the legion goes a little too far and discover a young Clark Kent before his super powers are realized.
  • “Timber Wolf”- Dark secrets are discovered when a scientist calls on the legion for their help in capturing a dangerous creature.
  • “Legacy”- Superman’s new friend, Alexis, wants to be Superman’s only friend.
  • “Phantoms” — A teenager with the same powers as Superman is unleashed from a portal to a phantom dimension, where the Legionnaires become trapped.

Also included is a short featurette called “We Are Legion” in which “The Legionnaires from the pages of DC Comics are back, this time in animated form. Looking at the rich history of storylines, characters, and classic team driven tales of action and adventure, the Legion of Super Heroes is updated for today¹s audience. Featuring an interview with Paul Levitz, President & Publisher of DC Comics, and former writer on the Legion of Super Heroes comic book. {Estimated runtime 8-10 minutes}.”

The press release also mentions that Legion figures will be in McDonald’s Happy Meals in August. Time to see if I can find a kid who likes their food I can borrow.

6 Responses  
Dorothea writes:  

Huh. Look who made the cover. What an unsurprise.

Adam Arnold writes:  

Well, it’s also not a season set (those come later), so they’re only targeting this DVD to kids. WB seems to always do this with first season episodes. They put out some random DVDs and then put out a 2-disc season set about a year or so later.

I think I’ll pick up the DVD, though. I do want to see what they mention and skip in those 8 minutes devoted to the team’s long history.

James Schee writes:  

Looks like a nice rental to see the extras.

On the Mcdonald’s toy front. Perhaps you can get lucky like I did years back when Jack in the Box had some Justice League toys.

The manager there let me buy the toys which was nice, as I had a number of people that wanted them. Amusingly including the creator of one of the characters, who I couldn’t believe didn’t get a comp one.

Chris G. writes:  

Dorothea: You mean the fact that none of the girl Legionnaires made the cover? perhaps they should revolt…

James: Would you, by any chance, have a spare Supergirl from the Jack-in-the-Box line you’d be willing to part with?

Lyle Masaki writes:  

Dorthea, I empathize. That’s something that frequently annoys me about Legion merchandise. A good part of the Legion’s appeal are the female Legionnaires, as well as the couples (though I don’t think the animated series has touched that aspect) and, somehow, when the Legion is merchandised its treated as any other franchise. I know there’s a lot of common wisdom to battle, but why licence a franchise and skip over a major aspect of its appeal? That’s like making a Catwoman movie that doesn’t have the slightest connection to Batman Returns.

James Schee writes:  

Sadly I’ve moved a couple of times since then, and have no idea where any of them are. Which is a bummer as they were pretty cool!


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