All That Needs to Be Said About That Heroes for Hire Cover

Marvel’s cover art for Heroes for Hire #13 (due in stores August 29) upset a lot of people because of the various things it implies: bondage, subjugation, sexual threat (check out the dripping goo on the tentacle), female heroes treated as passive… in short, business as usual for Marvel, only more obviously so.

I don’t have anything new to add to all the many many words already posted about this, except to say that I think Lea Hernandez has the best possible response: she edited and recolored the cover to demonstrate how different it could have been if someone had taken into account that these characters are supposed to be heroes. (She also makes the black character actually look black, addressing another concern.)

Her characters look active, interesting, and about to overcome a temporary setback instead of porno dolls posed only for the viewer’s titillation.

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  1. Victimized Hero | K-Squared Ramblings Says:

    […] didn’t think I had anything to add to the discussion on the infamous Heroes For Hire #13 cover. (Some of those links possibly NSFW.) Something stuck in my mind, though. […]

  2. Bad Marvel Decisions » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] was illustrated by an image of all the team members’ heads as skulls. If sex doesn’t work to build sales for the title, I guess death comes […]

  3. Swarceway Says:

    emm… strange )




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