On Vacation with Betty and Veronica

Since today is Memorial Day, a national holiday in the US that traditionally kicks off the summer vacation season, let’s look at a time when Betty and Veronica went to Possum Holler.

It’s from (a slightly mouse-eaten copy of) Archie’s Girls Betty & Veronica #102, cover-dated June 1964.

Betty & Veronica #102 cover

Betty & Veronica #102 page 1

Possum Holler is just down the road from Dogpatch, home of L’il Abner, based on the costumes, the exaggerated diction, and the sex-crazed, half-clothed country honeys out to nab them a man! (Who, though, came up with “cotched” for caught?)

Betty & Veronica #102 page 2

Betty & Veronica #102 page 3

The girls fight more literally than usual over Archie, who’s little more than a plot device afeared of gittin’ hitched. I love Veronica threatening to stomp Betty Lou “flatter’n a toad frog”. Is “toad frog” redundant? Are they typically flat?

Jughead’s still got a funny hat, but it’s a really different funny hat.

Dad’s completely out of character, after Archie to marry into the Lodge fortune (which is, as always, relative). Nice wife beater, too.

Betty & Veronica #102 page 4

Betty & Veronica #102 page 5

And he’s not above inserting himself in the fray. Check out that great pratfall in panel 4 of page 4! The material might be the hoariest corn, but the cartooning’s still lovely.

And then comes Reggie, with an oddly modern no-side haircut and the timeless vest, no shirt macho look.

Betty & Veronica #102 page 6

Go Betty Lou! Smack that bear cross-eyed.

And everyone gets what they want. Reggie gets Veronica’s attention. Veronica gets to threaten. Betty gets the guy. And Archie … well, Archie doesn’t have to think.

Just to show off some more good artistry from that issue, here’s a pinup page.

Betty & Veronica #102 pinup

The girls can look sexy even dressed normally — it’s all in the pose — and I love the way you can practically feel the breeze blowing by.

10 Responses to “On Vacation with Betty and Veronica”

  1. The Last Visible Blog » Blog Archive » Memorial Day links Says:

    […] Worth Reading gives looks back at the time when Betty and Vernica visit Possum Holler! It is so great!  And I didn’t even KNOW ABOUT THIS STORY when I wrote the Pea Pickin’ […]

  2. Bob Says:

    Wow, that’s brilliant. Kind of odd that there’s no word of explanation for the story. Was it normal at the time for the Archie books to do such one-off parodies?

  3. Joshua Macy Says:

    According to the OED, catched and cotched are still both widely prevalent in dialect and vulgar speech, and date back to a time in Middle English when a regular form of catch existed alongside the current irregular one.

  4. Johanna Says:

    And we learned something, too. Thanks, Joshua.

    Bob, I don’t know. I’ve asked my resident Archie expert to stop by this thread and give his opinion.

  5. James Schee Says:

    I think this story was reprinted in one of the digests (or perhaps collections?), as I can remember reading it before.

    A very fun story though!

  6. Archie Trends in the 1960s » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] response to this reader query on my previous Archie story post: Was it normal at the time for the Archie books to do such one-off […]

  7. Kat Says:

    I always loved this particular style (from the pin-up) but, am having a helluva time trying to figure out who drew them. Any clue?

  8. Johanna Says:

    Isn’t it Dan DeCarlo?

  9. Kat Says:

    I think so – but, I’m not really sure. DeCarlo was the one who always drew Betty with 3 er, “parts” in her bangs like that? If so, then YES!! And, thanks!!

  10. JHQ Says:

    yes, this is dan – inked by rudy lapick




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