Classic Comics on Deep Discount

As of right now at Amazon, the following comic strip collections are a whopping 80% off, which makes them $5 or $6 US:

I don’t know how or why they do this, but get ‘em while they last.

9 Responses to “Classic Comics on Deep Discount”

  1. Tim O\'Neil Says:

    The Complete New Yorker Cartoons

    The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes – The Novels

    An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories

    Best American Comics 2006

    Hell, check out the whole list.

  2. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    Or buy them at your LCS for full price – since they bought them from Diamond at a discount that isn’t anywhere near that good. But, at least you are supporting a small business that supporst the comic industry instead of an internet monster that doesn’t care one bit about comics.

  3. Johanna Says:

    If I wanted to get them at full price at my comic shop, I already would have (and for some of these titles, I did). But the fact is, much as I sympathize with small retailers being undercut, there are some things I’m willing to buy at $5 that I’m not willing to buy at $25.

  4. Eric Gimlin Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out, Johanna. I agree, help the LSC if you can. But I can’t afford $30 easily these days; whereas the $10 leftover credit from a birthday gift let me order the Popeye book quite happily.

  5. Jim Kosmicki Says:

    Kings in Disguise is also available very cheaply right now and is a must buy. I didn’t buy this version originally because I had a copy of the original limited edition hardcover. now i’ll have a copy to loan out.

  6. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    the fact is, much as I sympathize with small retailers being undercut, there are some things I’m willing to buy at $5 that I’m not willing to buy at $25.

    This coming from a woman who recently said she was getting so much free stuff sent to her that she didn’t have time to read it all. The three “Complete ___ ” books you have on there are quite large, full of material and beautifully printed and bound – the’re worth the money. Especially since you’ve saved so much by getting so many trades and manga for free. And don’t complain when the LCS’s stop carying these kind of quality books because they can’t afford to have them sitting on the shelves while the comic book community runs off to buy them on

  7. John Says:

    Heaven forbid one goes to a public library and reads books for free…or even buys them at used bookstores/garage sales/flea markets. Because not only are the independent bookstores hurt that way…the authors don’t get royalties either!

    Everyone must always pay full price, or else they are hurting the industry?

    Rubbish. Pay full price when you want a nice copy when the book is published. Wait a little bit, though, and the price will go down. At Amazon, AND at your local bookstore. (Comic, or otherwise)

  8. Barry Says:

    I’m stunned that someone is suggesting that I spend almost $150 more on the books I ordered (thanks Johanna!) just to support a group of local businessmen whom I’ve been a loyal customer of for almost 10 years. Then I remembered that this is the Internet. I am no longer stunned.

  9. Johanna Says:

    Lisa, you’re right, it’s hard to compete with “free” … and that’s why I’m not buying a whole lot of anything these days, regardless of attempted guilt trips. (And I’m far from the only one that’s reading comics for free, as anyone online knows.) I don’t think it’s ever a good idea for consumers to act outside their own interests for the supposed greater good of comics, because it usually ends up going wrong.




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