Suprise Boys Alternate Cover

The tasteless superhero series The Boys, cancelled by DC in January only to relaunch at Dynamite, released issue #7 and the collection of #1-6 today.

Retailers were surprised to find that #7 shipped with an unannounced 1-in-4 variant cover.

Stated co-creator Garth Ennis – “We thought this would be a nice surprise for people. Really, it was too much fun not to do.”

Sure, it’s a nice surprise… but it also fuels speculation, increases lemming-like demand, and annoys some retailers who now find their calculations of how many to order upset.

If some buyers now purchase 2 issues instead of 1, copies will run out at the retail level earlier than intended. Although that’s not a problem, assuming that publisher Dynamite calculated and overprinted accurately to satisfy reorders. And really, given the company’s history of doing alternate covers, I’m guessing if they do run out, there will be a second print along with yet another picture on top.

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  1. Dan Coyle Says:

    Of course, if you really, really need to read Just Imagine Garth Ennis With Darick Robertson Creating Brat Pack Versus Andy McNab, then you’ve already lost far more than you can ever recover.




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