An Exciting Approach to Anthologies

After my recent review of Gothic Classics, editor and publisher of the series Tom Pomplun and I struck up a brief email conversation. During that exchange, he dropped a couple of notes about his future plans and gave me permission to pass them along, because I found them exciting. He said:

It’s been my feeling that recent volumes of the GRAPHIC CLASSICS series have tended to be more adventure and “boys'” stories, so I wanted to make a volume that would appeal more to female readers, while still remaining in the GC vein. I hope I have succeeded. There will be more of the same in the future, including a couple of Mary Shelley stories, and GRAPHIC CLASSICS: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT…. I have been making it a point to broaden my own reading, as well as to bring a more diverse group of artists and scripters into GRAPHIC CLASSICS.

I appreciated his concerns about publishing classic material for more than just one group, and even more his attempts to work with a variety of creators. I’m looking forward to seeing what artists do with Alcott.

With all the recent gnashing about not representing women in (some types of) comics, I wanted to be sure to publicly congratulate someone trying to do the right thing. Remember, that’s Graphic Classics.

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