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Todd Allen’s debuted a new column on the business side of comics publishing at Comic Book Resources. First up, he talks about how much comics underpays. He’s so right. When I went to work at DC a little over ten years ago, I lost 1/3 of my salary.

I’d been working as a software developer focused on user interfaces, but I took their webmaster job for the experience. The pay cut was manageable for me for a short time because I was single, had a roommate to share expenses, and lived in New Jersey instead of New York City. For many people, it’s not … and that’s one of the bigger companies. Also, bear in mind that your raises (or your starting salary at a new company when you leave) are usually based on what you’ve been earning, so settling for a lower amount keeps you on a low ladder. (Thankfully, I got back into technology afterwards and made up the difference.)

Todd goes on to talk about the differences in online comic pricing and alternatives to the direct market distribution channel. With so much in this first column, it’ll be interesting to see what he covers next.

Thanks very much to John Jakala for reminding me of where to get books online at a discount! I’ve given up on getting a lot of manga through my local retailer. It’s not a product area he’s interested in, and although he’ll order whatever I ask for, Diamond isn’t always good about delivering onesy-twosy orders.

I was about to go full price on a recent shojo title at Amazon, but John’s article reminded me of Deep Discount, where I got my $9 book for $6.42 with no-minimum-purchase free shipping.

I suspect, in response to this, some will try to imply that I’m single-handedly driving comic stores out of business by shopping based on price. The thing is, I’m also shopping based on selection — my local stores don’t stock manga for browsing — and service — what beats clicking a few buttons to get exactly what I want?

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  1. John Jakala Says:

    You’re welcome! And in case you’re shopping for anything else, I just got an email from Deep Discount today with the coupon code “SUPERSALE” that’s good for an additional 20% off their “MEGA SALE!” items through 6/16. So using the coupon, you can save up to 57% off for certain items.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Wowzers! How do they stay in business?

  3. James Schee Says:

    Thanks for the heads up you two. I missed out on the amazon sale you pointed at, but I’ll have to explore this site when I have some time.

  4. John Jakala Says:

    One more tip: The SUPERSALE coupon code can only be used once, so plan your shopping wisely!

  5. Tim Says:

    So how do I tell my LCS that I’m gonna start ordering from Deep Discount? I get 20% off everything at my LCS, but Deep Discount is still cheaper, has a much better selection (manga, Fantagraphics, D&Q, etc. are nonexistent at my LCS) and free shipping. I feel bad.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Hmmm… DCBS still beats them at some things, like the DC Showcase volumes that are $8.67 at DCBS and $12 something there. Though you don’t have to pre-order from Deep Discount.

    When I stopped shopping at my LCS, I just told him I was no longer ordering anything, and to please cancel my pull box. I got the things that were already ordered over the next couple of months then was done.

  7. John Jakala Says:

    James –

    Yeah, that was one thing I noticed when I was browsing through the comics selection at Deep Discount: stuff from Marvel and DC could generally be found cheaper somewhere else. But most of the stuff from other publishers (Dark Horse, the indie and manga publishers) was cheaper at DD.

    And it looks like DD caught on: the coupon codes are no longer giving an additional 20% off books (it still works on most DVDs), but the book sale prices are still pretty good.

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