Good Superhero Comics: Week of June 6

The only superhero comic I truly enjoyed reading this week was “Hulk Date”. It’s a four-page Mini Marvels strip by Chris Giarrusso that appears in the back of both Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #19 and Hulk/Power Pack #4.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: Hulk (the toddler-style one) goes on a date. His friends help him pick an outfit and give him advice about girls liking funny guys. He picks up Betty Ross* and they go to the diner. There’s plenty of gags and wordplay and visual physical humor. And a fight and a resolution, all in only four pages. Fun and enjoyable for all ages!

*Me, reading comic: KC, if he’s dating Betty and her dad is a cop, which Betty is she?
KC: A cop or an officer?
Me: I dunno, he’s got a bird on his hat.
KC: Ross. He’s a general.

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