Love and Capes T-Shirts Now Available

I don’t get a lot of comic merchandise these days, but these Love and Capes t-shirts are tempting, mostly because I love the series. I’m not sure why the red shirts are half the price of the black (some kind of Star Trek joke?), but that makes them an even better deal.

Oh, and the latest issue, #5, is now available for order, Previews code JUN07 3740.

3 Responses to “Love and Capes T-Shirts Now Available”

  1. Thom Zahler Says:


    The red shirts are cheaper because they’re part of Hero Initiative donation/promotion at San Diego. They’ll only be available there (and preorders), and I’m hoping to move a lot at the low donation price.

    I’m hoping to have a flood of people at SDCC wearing the red shirts.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh ho ho! Your clever plan has revealed itself! You benefit as well. :)

  3. James Schee Says:

    Cool! I haven’t bought a comic related shirt in a LONG time but I may be tempted by this.




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