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Yay for the low-tech solution.

Congratulations, Augie, on making it ten years. It seems like only yesterday that you were a teen on CompuServe.

Speaking of memories, Voyagers! is coming to DVD next month! The show is really 25 years old? I remember as a kid complaining about not getting to watch it because Dad wanted to see 60 Minutes. Jon-Erik Hexum was cute, and the idea of fixing history — fun AND educational! Traveling through time is a great reward for being a history geek.

But the best news is that Jane Irwin will be selling Vogelein keys! I want one!

2 Responses to “Cool Things LinkBlogging”

  1. Matt Blind Says:

    So THAT was the name of that show. Thanks! that’s an itch I haven’t been able to scratch for years now, and hell I couldn’t even remember enough details to do a proper google search.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    Thanks, Johanna! And, wow, you’re right — I really WAS just a teenager when I first started posting on Compuserve. Not for too long, though: I had to be 18/19 or so. I remember the DOS-based reader I used for it, too. Ah, to be living in an age when the mouse isn’t needed to do every little thing. . .




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