Heroes Con 2007 First Day

KC and I are treating this show as a vacation, unusual for us, so we arrived mid-afternoon after a leisurely drive. Much of the day was spent catching up with old friends, which was wonderful but won’t be reported (since it either turns conversation into something to publish, not cool, or winds up sounding like name-dropping).

I will mention talking quite a bit with Tim O’Shea, who does interviews for Silver Bullet Comic Books, because he’s always so positive and optimistic, which is a real inspiration.

I was happy to see Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau, who signed my copy of Perhapanauts: First Blood. (And Todd is another great inspiration, especially when con-going becomes overwhelming — he’s funny and considerate.) I also got the second volume from them, which I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing.

Tania del Rio said she’d had lots of kids come by her table, which she enjoyed. When I asked about her continuing plans for Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I was glad to find out that she’d charted her exciting story all the way to issue #100.

KC and I talked for a bit with Michael Finger, who’s launching a new title, Super Psyche, about superheroes in analysis. He wanted some advice about doing so successfully, so we shared various war stories. There are a lot of areas to cover, among the creative (getting an artist, staging a page), publishing (long-term plans), marketing (getting the book noticed, not giving retailers a reason to ignore it), and so on. It’s nice to be considered experts, but everyone’s got to chart the course that works for them. And sometimes it’s a LONG slog (ten years or more to get “discovered” by Marvel or DC, for instance).

I quite enjoyed meeting and talking with Gina Biggs. Her Red String is being collected and published by Dark Horse, but she’s also part of Strawberry Comics, a manga-influenced comic collective (that happens to be all-female, too). I now have a couple of issues of their Fractured Kisses anthology so I can learn more. Plus, I picked up an adorable minicomic by her called “Love of Sausage” about her miniature dachshund.

Let’s see… oh, yes, I met Chris Sims! He drew Shrinking Violet for me on his mini-comic (and showed me many advances in crayon technology I was unaware of). Fun!

For more coverage, Ben Towle has a post.

Today I’m looking forward to meeting more of the ComicMix crew, who are down here in matching shirts, quite eye-catching. I’m also going shopping. There isn’t a lot of manga here, but there’s some.

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  4. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Thanks for the kind words and support, Johanna. If I can be assured of late night conversations with either you or KC on at least one night of the con, I’ll be there attending for life.

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