Heroes Con 2007 Second Day

We left early Sunday morning and had a nice leisurely drive back. (My first post on the show is here, if you missed it.)

I had a fabulous time. I don’t normally do late bar nights any more, but I had a wonderful conversation with a group of young webcomic creators Saturday night that went into the wee hours. It was so refreshing seeing their energy and hearing about their plans and hopes made on their own terms.

Newswise, I learned about three upcoming projects I’m excited by.

Dr. Thirteen: Architecture and Morality cover
Dr. Thirteen: Architecture and Morality
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First, Vito Delsante (event coordinator for Jim Hanley’s Universe) will be writing a couple of comics for DC, a JLA Classified and a Superman Confidential later this fall. I only pick up superhero books these days based on a very few creator names, but I’m curious to see what he’s done, since he said something along the lines of “it puts some continuity in new perspective, and I can’t believe they let me do it.”

Second, Cliff Chiang will be drawing a monthly Black Canary/Green Arrow series beginning in October. It’s written by Judd Winick. I adore Cliff’s work — one of my few purchases at the show was a print he’d done of Dr. Thirteen and his team, similar to the cover shown here.

Spider-Man: The Icon cover
Spider-Man: The Icon
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Last, old friend Steve Saffel has written an incredible hardcover called Spider-Man: The Icon, also due in October. Based on the preliminary proof he showed, it’s got tons of scans and images of not only comics, but also licensed products. I was interested because it’s not just written for fans (although there’s plenty for them included).

The book takes into account the character’s place in American culture. Steve places a lot of the stories in context, considering the times and how they influenced what happened (like popular attitudes toward radiation, the “establishment”, drugs and the famous non-Comic Code issues, and so on).

I have another bag of items to go through that I want to talk about, but that’ll have to wait for later in the week, after I return from another quick business trip. In the meantime, there’s coverage of Saturday at the TwoMorrows blog and Sunday from Ben Towle, who went shopping.

He mentions an interesting trend I also noticed: booths with graphic novels for half-off or similarly discounted (one table had all TPBs for $5, but they were very picked over by the time I shopped Saturday morning). These discounters mostly stocked Marvel, though. I wonder if someone cleaned up at some of the Diamond scratch-and-dent sales, or if Marvel was running one of their “we don’t tell you what you’ll get, but we’ll send you books for cheap if you agree to take a lot of them” offers to retailers.

6 Responses to “Heroes Con 2007 Second Day”

  1. Phil Looney Says:

    There was a lot more 50% trades at this year’s Heroes – not that I’m complaining, but my wallet is a little worse for wear. I was fortunate to be there early Friday to find the Essentials and Showcases that I wanted on the cheap.

  2. Alan Coil Says:

    2 points about discounted material.

    Several years ago (3-4-5), many dealers sold a ton Manga trades at super reduced prices. I’m sure they picked them up at the time from Diamond for pennies on the dollar.

    One of my LCS sells trades for 20% to 50% off at conventions, but won’t do so at his shop. ?????

    He will also take boxes of comics to the show and sell them for 10-50 cents each, yet won’t make that offer to the local customers. ?????

    Glad you and KC had a good time at the show. Maybe someday I can make the 10+ hour drive.

  3. Vito Delsante Says:

    I enjoyed Heroes and it will definitely be on my agenda next year. Shelton put on a great show and I’m very glad I went. Hope to hear more from you when my books come out.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Alan, it’s completely understandable that a retailer wouldn’t want deep discounted material available next to the full-price items — he doesn’t want to encourage people to wait for the price drop.

    Phil, yeah, I hadn’t noticed that before at the show.

    Vito, glad to hear you had a good time and plan to return! It’s one of my don’t-miss conventions every year.

  5. Darren J. Gendron Says:

    It was great meeting you both during and after the convention, so now I can finally put a name to the column.
    And wow, you thought we had energy on Saturday night? Consider yourself lucky you left town before my three tall-boy cans of Amp experiment on Sunday. Thankfully, my hypothesis was incorrect and my heart did not explode.

  6. Vito Delsante Says:

    Found out my Superman Confidential should be out March-April. Hope you still pick it up. We might have preview art at San Diego too!




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