Ellison Fantagraphics Suit Resolved

Journalista is reporting that the Ellison/Fantagraphics suit has been resolved, with no further word available as the parties involved aren’t discussing the resolution.

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  1. STWALLSKULL » Interesting Links: June 29, 2007 Says:

    […] Ellison Fantagraphics Suit Resolved from Comics Worth Reading […]

  2. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Comics Reporter had another item today, still understandably nebulous:

  3. Story Followup LinkBlogging » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] of the conditions of the settlement in the Ellison lawsuit against Fantagraphics appears to be trying to sanitize the two sides’ websites. I guess that’s relatively […]

  4. Headline Hits » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Ellison/Fantagraphics lawsuit resolution has been made […]




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