Pictures of You

Pictures of You is written by Damon Hurd, drawn by Tatiana Gill, and published by Alternative Comics. It’s a prequel to A Strange Day, by the same creators (with one more promised to come later to complete the trilogy).

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Pictures of You
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In that comic, two teenagers skipped school to buy the new Cure CD. This story, set one year earlier, looks at what made them the characters we’ve already met.

Miles is jealous of his friend Sarah’s boyfriends, kids that aren’t as mopey as he is. He’s trying to maintain their relationship as close as it used to be, which is impossible, now that she has other people she cares about in a different way. But he’s always there for her, because that’s what she needs, regardless of what it does to him.

Anna’s parents are fighting terribly pre-divorce, and she’s looking for escape. When the music doesn’t work, she tries drinking, or the older, wannabe musician next door.

Hurd has always been skilled at storytelling through realistic dialogue, and here he continues to demonstrate that strength. Gill’s loose, black-lined art is an excellent choice for stories that depend on emotional resonance. During Anna’s fight with her mother, as tempers flare, so does the lettering, until the thick letters take over the panels the same way her hatred drives out the rest of their relationship.

It’s a story of moments, and the reader’s involvement will depend on how plausible they find the incidents, or even how much they’re reminded of something similar in their own lives.

This graphic novella is due out in September. It can be ordered from Diamond with code JUL07 3229.

(A complimentary online preview copy for this review was provided by the publisher.)

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