TwoMorrows in October

Draw 15 cover

Draw! magazine takes on a perfect topic for its audience of aspiring comic book creators: coverage of educational opportunities.

DRAW! 15 is the big Back To School issue! So you want to go to an art school that offers a degree or major focus on comics and cartooning – but which school is the right one for you? Are you a mainstream type, or the next Harvey Pekar? Either way, choosing the right school is important, and in this issue, Editor-in-Chief Mike Manley covers all the major schools who offer comic art as a major part of their curriculum, from the Center For Creative Studies, SVA, SCAD, the Joe Kubert School, and more! We dig down and interview the faculty, plus some students currently enrolled, as well as past graduates, to give prospective students the best overview to date of college-level comic art classes.

Due October 31 for $6.95 US.

Write Now 17 cover

Meanwhile, sister publication Write Now! makes an obvious tie-in:

Just in time for the new Fall TV season, WRITE NOW! 17 is a special HEROES ISSUE featuring secrets behind the hit series, the comics, and the website, from series creator/writer TIM KRING, writer JEPH LOEB, and many more of the creative minds behind the franchise that’s taken superhero fans – and everybody else – for the thrill ride of the decade!

Due October 24 for $6.95 US.

As I said, it’s an obvious choice to attract more attention, and magazines often grab at media connections. (Look at Wizard every other month.) I hope it brings them the attention they want.

TwoMorrows have a couple of other items due that month, as well, including the latest Modern Masters book, which will cover Frank Cho. I know they do these things based on who they think has enough fans to buy the books, but they’re going that modern, and they haven’t yet covered a woman?

10 Responses to “TwoMorrows in October”

  1. Mike Says:

    Wow, they’re really stretching the “master” label.

    I mean, Frank Cho? There are hundreds of artists more capable and having more of an impact than him. Leaving aside the cheesecake, there’s something about the way he draws figures and backgrounds that looks unfinished and amateurish.

  2. Ray Cornwall Says:

    See, I always thought Cho was just out-and-out funny with his University2/Liberty Meadows work, and I’m fine with this book. He uses the cheesecake to push the humor, which works nicely.

    As for the “no women” bit, well, I always got the impression that the Modern Masters books get modern superhero artists willing to do the interviews more than anything else. Colleen Doran, an obvious candidate, did an interview DVD for another publisher, so that’s probably why she wouldn’t be interested. If they landed Ramona Fredon (whose work graces a recent issue of sister publication Alter Ego this month), they’d probably do the book unbranded, since she’s Silver Age (like they did with Joe Sinnott and Gene Colan, for example). There’s always Marie Severin, Rachel Dotson (though they’d probably do that book as Rachel and Terry), and Trina Robbins, but after that, who else? (Marie would be a great interview; Trina probably would just do her own book, honestly.)

  3. Johanna Says:

    Whether or not you find him funny, I have to question the label “master” applied to someone who can apparently draw only one woman. I think masters demonstrate more diversity and versatility.

    It’s true that the MM books are aiming at a particular audience, heavy on names familiar through superhero work. I hesitate to conclude that someone probably wasn’t interested, though, without knowing that they were asked or considered in the first place. The last conversation I had with someone at TM about it suggested that they didn’t feel that there were any females that were big enough names to sell enough book copies to that particular audience.

  4. Ray Cornwall Says:

    Personally, I think Kevin Maguire was a worse choice than Cho. I like both artists, mind you, but Maguire’s interview was a little light, and it’s not as if Kevin is particularly prolific or well-regarded. If anything, I suspect Cho was picked because Cho will sell a lot of books.

    I’ll agree that I have no idea if Doran would be interested in a MM book. My whole thought was that her last bio project was recent, nothing more.

    If TM said that, well, that’s just ig’nant. I’m in TM’s audience- I’ve got a bookshelf full of their books and a magazine box or two full of their mags. And I’d buy a book about women in superhero comics. I suspect it’d be pretty interesting.

  5. Bryan Headley Says:

    I would rather see a book on John Buscema than one on Frank Cho (nevermind Kevin Maguire). Something on Marie Severin would be really cool.

  6. Ray Cornwall Says:

    John Buscema? Here you go:

    The John Buscema Sketchbook

    Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema HC

    John Buscema: Artist & Inker

    I doubt it’ll be a Modern Masters book unless they find an old Buscema interview.

    Now, I’d love a Sal Buscema book! I actually like Sal over John; Sal seems to really have a knack for superhero work, while John admittedly never enjoyed it (although he was excellent at it). I’d also love to know more about Sal’s background in theatre, as he’s brought it up before when asked about comics. He’s claimed it was a big help to him. That could be a neat interview!

  7. Mike Says:

    Ray, I would buy a MM book about Jill Thompson. She’s one of the few female artists I can think of who has enough work to warrant a comprehensive interview. However, she hasn’t done much superhero stuff, so I guess the pub wouldn’t be interested.

  8. Ray Cornwall Says:

    Damn it, I knew I was forgetting someone. Of course, I know Jill did a big interview in the Comics Journal some time back. That’s why I forgot it. It’s a great interview- head over to Fanta and check it out.

  9. Mike Says:

    I did a search in Google and the Fantagraphics site — no luck. But I suck at searching anyway. So, have a link handy?

  10. Mike Says:

    Nevermind, found it. Thanks for the heads-up!

    (No editing or hyperlinking here?)




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