Two Quick Links: FBOFW, Cartoon Museum

I knew Shaenon Garrity would have the best reaction to Liz and Anthony getting together in For Better or For Worse. Like her, I hate the idea. She goes into great detail (and good criticism) on why it’s a bad creative choice: the sexism, the clichés, the forced return of a child to dependence on their parents, and on and on. While being quite funny in her anger.

Heidi MacDonald covers what’s been happening to the Cartoon Museum. Apparently, they’re selling off rare art donated to them to raise money to cover debts.

Cartoon Museum logo

When I took some archiving courses in grad school, this was raised as always a tricky subject. The donator of course wants their prized objects maintained well and valued highly; the museum of course wants the maximum flexibility to use them as they see best. Sometimes museum staff think a piece can best support the institution by being sold to raise funds or traded for something that better fits the mission or otherwise disposed of to avoid costly preservation. The end result of the conflicting desires can be a lot of time-consuming negotiations and complicated legal documents before a donation is given.

In this case, there’s been a history of bad choices that color the situation. I agree with the commenter who says that Boca Raton was a poor location to start with, although I did visit the museum once when it was there. Lovely building, absolutely deserted, and more of a curiosity than a real place of study and art display.

Now, the proposed New York location has fallen through, and as of last year, they’re still searching for a permanent location.

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