Absolute Boyfriend Book 4

I found myself wondering how much I was really enjoying this series with the previous volume, which I thought was becoming too sitcom-like.

Absolute Boyfriend Book 4 cover
Absolute Boyfriend Book 4
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This latest book confirms my decision to drop it, with events becoming too silly for me to enjoy them. The book opens with the results of a reset button. A convenient visit from Riiko’s parents prevented her and the artificial Night from getting it on. But a respite from the “should I or shouldn’t I?” decision, supposedly what Riiko wants, just makes her change her mind and wish for the sex invites to start again.

In incredibly rapid succession, a photo of an old crush leads to a new rival and kisses with someone else. Riiko’s right back with “will I or won’t I?”, only with two guys at the same time (three, if you count the shows-up-in-the-second-half-with-new-self-possession Soshi). Awfully convenient, for a shy, clumsy, nothing special girl. Lots of wish fulfillment there for a certain kind of reader, I guess, but it’s all surface and artificial. I wasn’t involved, I didn’t laugh, and I wasn’t compelled to keep reading.

Key plot points from previous chapters are hand-waved away, with ever more ridiculous transformations apparently just so the author had cute things to draw. If anyone bothered to take five minutes to talk to each other, we wouldn’t have this book. Missing it wouldn’t be a big loss, in my opinion.


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  3. I really love this manga!!!

  4. That’s a shame to stop reading the series here. I’d admit, this volume is probably the weakest out of the series. That perticular volume seems a bit side tracked a bit, but gets back (at least the love triangle bit) in vol. 5. But I stuck with it through till the end, and rather thought it was worth reading to reach the last few chapters leading up to a great closure.

  5. Maybe I’ll give it one more try with the final — book 6, isn’t it?

  6. Yup. Vol. 6 ends it (but only the 1st 2 chapters conclude the series. The rest are other short stories), but things start to get serious from the middle of vol.5 and onward as well. I’m sure there are other better comics out there to read, but I figured with only 2 more books to go, you might find it worth while to just finish it off and decide yourself it it’s worth it in the end. I thought myself how on earth is Yuu Watase gonna wrap up the series in such a short time, and felt very satisfied on how it ended.

  7. I’ll happily read the rest… if my library carries it, or I can get it some other way without paying. :) Thanks for the recommendation; I appreciate it.

  8. I loved this manga…until I read the ending. It was not at all satisfying IMO…it was a betrayal. I will not be reading any more of Yuu Watase’s series in the future. Ending AB like she did is like Inuyasha getting killed off and Kagome ending up with Koga, or killing of Al in Full Metal Alchemist and having Ed team up with Winri. It’s a dirty trick for an artist to kill off a main character because she couldn’t figure out an imaginative ending. I was VERY disappointed with this manga to say the least!

  9. Great job there with the spoilers Sori. >_>

    Spoiler Alert!——–
    Well, I actually liked the ending cause it felt more serious and real to end it that way. The last 2 chapters were pretty impressive to me cause it showed how Night thought about his mortality, once he found out. Settled rivalries with friendship. And just lived happily, rather than brood. The ending was bitter and sweet at the same time. But in general, all you can ask for in life is be happy with what you have for all, and that’s what we got here. EVERYONE gets a piece of happiness this way. To make Night live happily ever after with the girl till HER dying days would of been such a cheap cop-out and such an obvious ending IMO.


    I love this manga but agree that the ending really sucked. Bitter, yes, but how is it happy or sweet in any way? I mean what was an *obvious* ending to me was that Soshi would get Riiko because he’s human but I hope that wouldn’t happen but sure enough, he did, which to me was a cop-out. Chobits, which IMO Absolute Boyfriend rips off, has a much better ending. Too bad Yuu Watase didn’t rip THAT off too, she would have made a better manga IMO. Pretty convenient that Gaku didn’t tell Riiko at the very beginning that Night would “break” after having sex with her, well now wouldn’t that have saved her some angst, just use him, break him and throw him away and then she can just have Soshi. How lame is that!!!

  11. To what Wendy says, OMGS REALLI?!! Yes, I didn’t finish all the books but my friend told me that Night “broke” which was really stupid. So this is how Riiku actually comes to a final decision?? It really sucked to have such a character be destroyed. The ending isn’t my favorite, i would rather have Riiku not make the final decision in the end, gives off more of a happy vibe.

  12. wait, how does he break…EXACTLY?!?!?

  13. Well i gotta say mate, pretty harsh, its a kids book (aimed for kids), it’s like adults hating certain candies, (ugh to sweet), but when your a kid you love em.
    My daughter has read the whole series and really enjoyed them!

  14. You may be from elsewhere, in which case standards might be different, but in the US, a sex comedy asking the question “should the girl sleep with the boy next door or the robot?” isn’t considered “for kids”. Viz has rated it T+, for older teens, which I think is 16 years old and up.

  15. ::annonymous::

    um. here comes some spoilers…
    so… how exactly do we know that riiko ends up with soushi?? at the end of the series, it only said that they stayed together so im pretty sure theyre just friends, but yall make it sound as though they got back together. if that really is the situation [them getting together] its ruining soushis reputation. i mean cmon have some pride is he really going to go out with her after having rejected him big time to go have sex with a cyborg? oh and the part where soushi leaves for spain is just some serious overreaction of soushi getting over first love. like you know, be a man, face the fear & dont escape to an entirely different continent!! one more thing: i love it. i know it doesnt sound like i dont after all ive said. well i guess no manga is perfect but ABs so close to it, it scares me. ^-^

  16. ::annonymous::

    um. here comes some correction…
    *i know it doesnt sound like i dont
    ehh. my bad. i meant ‘i know it doesnt sound like i do’

  17. *SPOILER ALERT* – please don’t read this comment unless you’ve read the whole of the manga series!

    I agree with the posts above that the ending was a cop out. They show earlier in the manga that Night can have his personality swapped to another body to no ill effect. Couldn’t he have been body swapped into a new body instead of ending it so depressingly? I was really annoyed and felt a little cheated. Also, if the ‘figures’ were designed only to last such a short period of time then who would want to pay the $1 million price tag for one of them?!?!

    I liked the series and it made me laugh quite a lot, but have to say I thought some aspects to the story were a little too silly/ridiculous. Another thing was that it seemed to borrow from a lot of other manga and not really add much. Riiko’s endless dithering and indecisiveness is a bit irritating too!

    Can anyone recommend any better ‘Shojo’? I’ve been reading Fruits Basket which I love.

  18. I loved this series. I cried at the end. I am very dissapointed that someone can dissaprove of it so whole heartedly. Just because you did not like it does not mean someone else cannot enjoy it.

  19. And i also agree with the above posts about feeling cheated for that kind of ending.

  20. i think this series is kinda stupid! at the end the real guy cant be with the girl but the robot gets to live with her?? yyyy?
    it has its funny moments, and its worth reading! read and find out what im talking about! arigato!

  21. i really wish tht they didnt end the book tht way its so sad to see him leave like tht…

  22. these are good books!

  23. i like this book because it makes me feel happy in some way cuz it feels like it a live you know what i mean i wish if it did not end like that ooh wall what

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