Cold Cut For Sale

Cold Cut Distribution, the only remaining direct market comic competitor to Diamond, has announced they are for sale (link no longer available).

It’s too early to know what this will mean (since much will depend on whether there are any viable suitors, what their intentions are, and how quickly anything happens), but (NSFW) Simon at Icarus has a response based on his experiences when former distributor FMI closed up shop.

The rocky history of distributors past does not bode well for small vendors. (When FM International pulled its disappearing act, the roughly $2,000 in overdue invoices it owed Icarus evaporated as well. Cold Cut’s current tab with us… about twice that number.) Things are still early, and perhaps some reassuring communique to publishers is forthcoming. But to be honest, only a check for all amounts due ahead of this sale can assuage the butterflies in my stomach right now.

4 Responses to “Cold Cut For Sale”

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  2. Charles LePage Says:

    I’m hoping someone will interview Mark to find out why they are selling CC, and also to have him address the concerns raised by Icarus.

  3. Eddie Mitchell Says:

    I wonder if this will end up leading to another round of publishers calling out for extra business to make up for the lack of income from Cold Cut, particularly if they default on outstanding invoices.

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