24 Hours of Comic Reviews

Laura Hudson is insane.

I’m going to read and review comic books for 24 hours straight, posting a new review every hour, on the hour.

This is the kind of idea that makes me, just for a second, think: oh, maybe I’ll try that.

And then I realize that I’m not a fast writer. Not to mention that I rarely bother reviewing comic issues these days. A really good, meaty graphic novel takes at least an hour to read, let alone think about in order to formulate something worth saying.

So I wish her the very best and I hope she has a great time and gets what she wants out of the exercise.

3 Responses to “24 Hours of Comic Reviews”

  1. Thad Says:

    This is suspiciously close to Flaming Carrot’s origin story, wherein he reads 500 comic books in one sitting on a bet and suffers brain damage.

  2. ADD Says:

    I think if the comics internet were to try to get together and do this 24 Hour Comic Day style, it would be better to read the books ahead of time — especially graphic novels — and then try to write the reviews one per hour. I could see trying that.

  3. Lew Newmark Says:

    I could think of better things to do in a 24hr period. One being getting a few hrs of sleep. As far as the reviews themselfs, I could see the quality of the reviews lacking after several hrs anyway. At least if these reiews are being done by one person over a 24hr period.




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