A Good Blogging FAQ

Alan David Doane has put up a Frequently Asked Questions list about himself and his site that provides a lot of good, basic information about the comics industry and how to become part of it.

I’m thinking of stealing this exchange:

I never stop writing about comics for long.

So you really like superheroes?

You must be new around here. It’s a fairly common misperception if you say you like comic books that you must mean superheroes. But superheroes are only one genre among many that define the comic book artform, so equating a love of comic books with a love of superheroes is like assuming someone loves only westerns because they like movies. […]

Wait, you’re the guy that hates superheroes, right?

No, some of my favourite comics of all time are superhero stories [….] I do hate bad superhero comics, though, and these days, that’s mostly what the corporate comic book publishers are turning out. I’d like to see that change, so that future generations of comics readers can enjoy the drama and excitement that the very best superhero comics can offer.

And this part, especially, is a great summation of my practice as well:

Although I try to review every comic I receive, it’s not always possible or even desirable to review every single thing that I read. If I didn’t review your comic, it doesn’t mean it’s no good. But good or bad, the comics most likely to get reviewed by me are the ones that elicit a strong reaction as I read them. The least likely comics to get reviewed by me are ones that are simply average, mediocre comics.

(Alan also says nice things about me, for which I am grateful and appreciative.)

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