Unshelved Deal

To celebrate the release of the fifth Unshelved book, Read Responsibly, the publisher is offering a discount package deal: all 5 books for $60, including free shipping.

It’s a shame that us loyal readers don’t get a similar bargain — I’ll have to patiently wait until they have distributor orders, since I get the volumes through my comic shop. But if you’ve been curious about the series and wanting a reason to try it, this is a great one.

I’ve previously reviewed the first book, What Would Dewey Do?, and Book Club.

One Response to “Unshelved Deal”

  1. Estara Says:

    Thanks for the tip, I don’t even have to pay postage to Germany!! This way I get it from them and not via Amazon, and I buy them all, so I hope that makes up for the lost revenue.




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