IDW Wants an Editor

Heidi posts the ad where IDW seeks an editor.

Some key features of their request:

  1. They’re interviewing in person, in California during and after the San Diego convention. Makes sense — that’s where they’re based, and most editors still have to work on-site.
  2. The position covers line editing and copy editing/proofreading, as well as multiple project management. That calls for detail orientation on the micro and macro levels.
  3. They would like publishing experience, but it doesn’t have to be in comic books. I liked this phrasing: “Specific comic book knowledge … isn’t vital to success in this position.” It doesn’t matter what you know or what you’ve read; what matters is what you can do. That’s a distinction lost on many fanboys who think “continuity cop” should be part of an editor’s job.
  4. The position is “open for a qualified editor” — this isn’t entry-level. You’re not breaking into paying comics work on their dime; whomever they pick will likely need to hit the ground running.

Update: They’ve hired Andrew Steven Harris, “a former Los Angeles Times editor and one of the founding writers for Wizard Magazine”, to edit Transformers and Star Trek.

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