Bad Batgirl Cover

Batgirl Showcase cover

Just for the record, I would have bought the Showcase Presents Batgirl volume, but the cover was changed to something completely stupid (new cover shown here).

I’m sure someone at DC thought it was a cute homage to the famous Batgirl story where she stops criminals by examining her own leg, pretending to have a run in her stocking, but times have changed. What was sadly funny printed in the 60s and read in the oughts is just sad when printed today.

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  1. Paul Sizer Says:

    When I saw this cover in the comic store last week, I thought to myself “Wow, I’m glad Jane isn’t hear to see this” and then I thought “What’s that massive psychic scream, as if millions of souls cried out, and then were silent?”, the answer is all the others who saw this new bullet in the foot of DC’s credibility towards its female readers.

  2. Jim Kosmicki Says:

    and what about those of us who had to pre-order it because we don’t have a local shop? We’re stuck with it, no matter if it offends or not.

    I’d love to hear from someone at DC editorial about why this decision was made.

  3. caleb Says:

    Jim, anyone else stuck with it, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. I’ll pay for postage!

    I thought the cover was funny. It’s a collection of stories from that time period, right? So I don’t see why the cover shouldn’t reflect the contents. Now, if it were the cover of the recent (fantastic) BATGIRL: YEAR ONE mini, then there might be some problems. Of course, if they wanted to do a dumb, sexist cover today, it would probably have been a lot more naked and violent.

  4. The Dane Says:

    Really? I thought it was funny because it’s sad. But I guess that’s just how I roll.

  5. Ray Tate Says:

    Despite the ironic cover, this book is a blast!

    Batgirl uses martial arts to throw and kick gunsels all over the place. She beats the snot out of them with karate chops and various holds and twists.

    Sure. Some of the stories are a little sexist, but nobody gets crippled and nobody gets stuffed in a refrigerator.

    Batman doesn’t tell Batgirl to get out of his city. He instead recognizes her intellect and welcomes her aid.

    She’s throughout independent. At one point she even states that “she has no romantic interest in Batman whatsoever.” She’s Batgirl because she believes she can help and she feels most alive when in costume.

    The artwork is action-packed and crisply reproduced. Passing up this book just because of the cover is a mistake. The collection is as refreshing as a hit of mountain air, and this book is a must purchase for any fan of Batgirl.


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  8. John Says:

    I think the cover is funny and reflective of the time the stories in it take place. I wish the art itself were a little more reflective, so the retro quality of the humor were a little more tongue in cheek, but that’s me. Also, I don’t believe depicting a silly form of girlishness in a superhero character is necessarily sexist – there are plenty of other, more important issues regarding women in comics than outdated, very silly humor.

  9. Johanna Says:

    John, it would be easier to say “oh, that was just then” if the same sexist attitudes weren’t still on display today. Hard to gain the necessary distance that way.

  10. Shawn Hill Says:

    The cover’s a huge disappointment. Of all the images they could have chosen to dress up and crop and repaint, why that one? Does it really reflect something significant about Batgirl?

  11. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, that’s key, I think — DC had a selection of images to choose from, including action shots and sillier images. They chose this one. Why’d they think that was a good idea?

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  14. SofiWii Says:

    i do agree with all that was said bfore and i think that Batgirl could do very + things if some stupid guys from DC didn’t make that she stay paraphlegic.
    Sorry about my english, i can’t speak very well bcoz i’m portuguese, but i think that very person do agree with me.




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