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Johnny Bacardi has more on the Batgirl cover change, with the relevant images and a couple more head-shaking covers from back in the day.

I had no idea this was a DC cover trend in 1995 to celebrate #100 issues. I’d seen a couple of them before, but I didn’t recognize the pattern. Looking at the regular art covers, the first three are way too cluttered and ugly to stand out on the racks.

My Lego-making friend David Oakes has a new set, one that particularly tickled me (even if he sacrificed one of his Monkeemen figures to repaint). I had no idea Lego made curly hair!

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  1. Kelson Says:

    Thanks for the link! Looking back at those covers, you’re right: the standard versions are very busy. I have the full artwork version of Flash #100, and I remember thinking it was a much more interesting cover than the “Quick and the Dead” version…but that was looking at the two, full size, side by side. With those tiny thumbnails, the standard covers just blend in with the rest, while the special covers really do jump out.




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