Star Trek Comic Promo

The IDW series Star Trek: Year Four gets a half-page blurb in the latest TV Guide, a special Sci-Fi preview issue.

Editor-in-chief Chris Ryall is quoted as wanting “to retain the genius and relevance of Gene Roddenberry” (and admitting that that might be hard when it comes to devoted fans), and two panels of Steve Conley’s art are shown (although he’s only credited in tiny type run sideways, as though it was a photo credit).

Also not mentioned: writer David Tischman, who co-wrote Bite Club and American Century with Howard Chaykin.

I note these kinds of appearances because licensed properties need to get the word out to the non-comic audience in order to truly capitalize on their potential. A TV Guide appearance doesn’t mean what it once does, given the decreasing number of purchasers, and there’s no information given on where to buy the comic, but it is an opportunity to spread the knowledge of the series, out later this month.

Personally, I don’t think this continuation-in-comics will have the same success Buffy did, given the age of the property and the high IDW cover price of $4, but I do like Conley’s art.

4 Responses to “Star Trek Comic Promo”

  1. Nat Gertler Says:

    As with, oh, just about every success in comics, we’ll likely see the Season X continuation copied in ways both meaningful and meaningless, until the advantage of it is drained from the meaningless one.
    Buffy season 8 hits all the right points, but then:
    *Buffy is a continuity-oriented series, so that these things take place after the previous material is meaningful. (Star Trek: TOS, in contrast, can be watched in any order without losing much.)
    *There has not been significant amounts of post-Season 7 material for the key characters of Buffy (except Spike, who is not part of Buffy Season 8), so this shows a way to fresh territory. Since Star Trek Season 3, we’ve had the animated series, seven films, tons o’ comics and prose novels.
    * Buffy season 8 has the strong involvement of the primary creative name for Buffy, Joss Whedon. That speaks to both its quality and to its sense of being canon.

    So IDW’s Season Four should get some bump from being called “season four”, and I expect their Angel series will get more of a bump (as should DC’s Veronica Mars, if that goes through.) But if a year from now we’re seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Animated Series Season 5 comic book, I’d expect the bump to be gone…. gone the way that the zombie bump, the holofoil cover bump, the “Dark Knight format” bump went away.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for such an insightful analysis, Nat. I agree — once something is successful, it tends to be repeated to ever-diminishing returns. And I think you’ve hit on key differences between Buffy and ST. Your third bullet, about involving the primary creator, might explain the TV Guide quote, too.

  3. Alan Coil Says:

    True about TV Guide having lower sales. I was a subscriber for nearly 30 years, but near the end, I found it to be completely useless for daily viewing selections. They also started giving me the Cleveland, Ohio, listings, but I was getting teh Detroit feed from my cable system.

  4. john morrison Says:

    Nat’s analysis is amusing, and probably, sadly, true.
    I used to be a huge Star Trek fan, and I bought all the Gold Key then Marvel and DC Star Trek comics, and the first 50 odd books in the 70s/80s, then basically decided I had had enough. There was so much material, and much of it so mediocre, that I gave up buying any ST. I just don’t care anymore.

    I think the ST comics lost any interest for me when they quite clearly became a “property” with the 2nd DC series, when Paramount required that they focus almost solely on the existing stars and lost any connection with their larger world. One can only read about the same 7 characters so many times.
    I still love the first DC series though. That was fun, and the way it was written around the movie continuity was very clever, and I always thought those red uniforms were the most stylish ST uniforms.




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