Quick San Diego Links & Doctor Who
July 28, 2007

My favorite convention reporter is Bully, because he combines a mature perspective and wide-ranging coverage with fannish enthusiasm. Which is unusual for a six-year-old stuffed toy.

Seriously, this first day report, linked above, after lots of pictures that feel like being there, ends with a touching example of how open-hearted and giving fans can be.

There’s been lots and lots of announcements, of course, but here are the few that caught my eye so far:

Congratulations to Mark Waid, who’s back on the editorial side of things as Editor-in-Chief of Boom! Studios. I suspect this is the kind of work he’s looking forward to getting back to, although he’ll still be writing Brave and the Bold and Flash.

Warren Ellis is taking over Astonishing X-Men after Joss Whedon leaves. (Sorry, no link, but I’m sure every major comic site has something on this.) Hopefully, the stories will be better aimed to include non-long-time readers in the fun. Meanwhile, jokes have already started about how Emma Frost will get piercings, a mobile phone headset, and a webcam.

IDW is going to put out a Doctor Who comic featuring the newest Doctor and Martha, both of whom I adore. I’ll be picking up the collections, as I always do with IDW books, since the issues are so darn expensive. (I know there’s no savings with the trades, but at least they include all the cover art and can be found more easily at a discount.)

I’m enjoying the current series of Doctor Who more than I ever have. I’m really glad I waited and watched it weekly on SciFi. I can’t binge (and inadvertently ruin my own enjoyment by overdoing) on lots of downloaded episodes at once. Now I can’t wait until the next one!

A lot of that can be attributed to the new companion, Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman. She’s down-to-earth, talented in her own right (medical intern), and raises the sensible questions the Doctor breezes right past. For example, when they went to visit Shakespeare, she paused to wonder if she was going to have problems in that era. When the Doctor wondered why, she indicated the color of her dark skin. That indicates a context-based view of history it’s refreshing to see the show acknowledge.

3 Responses  
John writes:  

The latter half of this series of Doctor Who is absolutely amazing. There’s lull from the 4th to 7th episodes, but after that . . . wow.

Lyle writes:  

Yay! I found someone watching DOCTOR WHO at the same pace as me. I’m really adoring Martha as a companion, I love how she can be wide-eyed about the stuff she gets to witness without getting lost in the wonder, asking some sharp questions about the period.

James Schee writes:  

I’m looking forward to more Who, and have been impressed with how quickly I took to Martha. Since I was a HUGE fan of Rose, but I think having a temp to bridge the gap helped too.

The only news that I’ve seen out of SD that really reflects on my reading was about Cooke leaving The Spirit. He seemed sort of disenfranchised a bit, but I’m glad to hear he has plans for more CO work done in apparently GN format.


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