Golden Sketch Fiasco Followup

More news on the story about Michael Golden scamming those who commissioned sketches from him and wanted them in the promised timeframe. He’s still delivering pictures of characters telling the customers “Patience is a virtue.”

Another of the complainers received a lecture sketch. (Scroll down to Michael Finn’s post.) It appears that in this one, Golden has learned how to spell “virtue”. Finn hasn’t posted an image yet because he’s hoping for a solution amenable to both sides.

I suspect he’s going to be disappointed, based on art rep Renee Witterstaetter’s insistence that Golden did nothing wrong in the Comics Journal forum thread on the topic.

Some of the commenters raise a good point … buying sketches sight unseen for large amounts of money is a scary way to do business, and there’s no recompense if you’re disappointed with something that looks dashed off. Unfortunately, lots of it gets lost in a personal spat amongst posters and someone writing paeans to how gorgeous Golden’s work was years ago. Skip to page six, where Renee (as “Evaink”) shows up blaming the customers. She also posts a second time to say

Sorry, I am not going to address this here no matter how the slant is put. Way to much to go into, and as I mentioned, I am not going to air Michael’s business on a public forum like this.

Which is odd, since she’s already tried to address it, only to be laughed at.

4 Responses to “Golden Sketch Fiasco Followup”

  1. Mike Says:

    I post on a few of the same boards as Gerry so I’ve been reading about this since his commission first came in the mail. After reading what Renee posted and now Michael Golden’s reply at TCJ:

    I’m left feeling sorry for Gerry because he’s a really good guy, ashamed of Renee and disgusted with Golden.

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  3. Richard Marcej Says:

    After reading Golden’s response I posted this on another board and thought it’d be worth repeating here:

    You know, I just thought of something. If Golden and his rep were really stand up people, and professionals at their jobs-
    and if they really insist on taking the money for comissions upfront
    and will only get around to it after finishing “paying jobs” (thier discription)

    Then maybe what Mr. Golden should do is take that commission money, place it in a savings account, and let it sit there NOT TOUCHING it, and collect interest. Once he finishes the art work he can send that plus a check covering the interest his payment earned to his customer and then (and ONLY then) take the money he was paid

  4. Roger A Says:

    Over on the John Byrne forum, Gerry has posted a message from himself & Renee saying that the situation has reached an amicable conclusion. It’s good that this situation has reached a happy ending.




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