Wonder Woman Cartoon Movie Coming?

ICv2 has rumors of more direct-to-DVD DC character movies.

… according to what appear to be internal Warner Bros. Animation documents posted on the Web at photobucket.com, the next wave will include a Wonder Woman feature and Batman Anime… According to the document posted on the Web the Wonder Woman DVD will be targeted at males 18 and up, women 18 and up, and girls from 9-17, the latter being somewhat problematic since the proposed rating that the animators are shooting for is listed as “PG-13.” The plot description of the Wonder Woman animated movie is an origin story that resembles George Perez’s 1980s re-launching of the character.

I’m a little concerned that the WW audience is listed first as young men, but that’s probably reading too much into their choice of order. It’s a big group that they’re aiming for, though, girls and adults of both sexes.

And I strongly hope that they don’t use the Batman/Justice League animated style, because I can’t stand that wasp-waisted, slant-eyed feline female look, especially for a powerful hero. Something more classic would be great.

4 Responses to “Wonder Woman Cartoon Movie Coming?”

  1. Steve Trevor Says:

    Even though they (DC) may base the cartoon on the 1987 Perez re-launch, they (DC) should treat Wonder Woman as having a past – her pre-history (world war II era and as founding Justice League member). If they treat her as a brand new character appearing only in the modern world, it adds how as unbelievable Wonder Woman is. We know she appeared FIRST in world war two and that should be acknowledged, not forgotten. A character is more credible by adding to their history, not ignoring it. So I would enjoy the movie more if Julia Kapetelias remembered seeing Wonder Woman as a child, and think that Diana has returned after all these years, or the ‘modern people’ who name her, name her after the Wonder Woman of World War Two, thinking it’s her daughter. I think it’s better that a hint of mystery is encouraged. Was it Hippolyta or Diana that became Wonder Woman in World War Two and left for Paradise Island after the war? That should be the question, and again adds more credibility and gives the character an historical perspective, otherwise she is just another boring hero. Hope this makes sense.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I liked the revamp without the WWII history, and instead of it making the character boring, I thought it made her more plausible. I like seeing the culture clash aspects of her unfamiliarity with the modern world, because it can be used to point out the stupid things we put up with just because it’s the way things are.

  3. Adam Says:

    I appreciate both your views, but I do agree that Wonder Woman’s WWII history should not be ignored. The Potter, Perez and Patterson 1987 version had all those culture clash aspects, but they can be done in WWII just the same. 1942, 1987 are small time differences compared to 3000 years ago. It would be better if Wonder Woman left for Paradise Island after the war and returned again several years later to a modern society in which she is challenged with inflation, new trends in fashion, computers and general technology. This aspect is far more plausible than someone who arrives from an ancient culture (of course she knows things will be different) but would be more shocked should she notice differences in just 30 years instead of 3000.

    The other problem is that the new Wonder Woman vol 3 series clearly establishes her silver age history, so the 1987 tale is now innacurate.

  4. Cassie S. Says:

    Vol. 3 may make homages to her silver age history but I don’t see how it’s “establishing” it as canon. The 1987 relaunch is still in continuity. Or at least as much as anything in the DC universe can remain.




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