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Archie Comics sent out this press release:

Have you ever wanted to be a comic book writer? Have you ever dreamed of braking in to comics? Here is your chance to become a published comic book writer. Many legendary creators like Mark Waid, Neal Adams, and Tom DeFalco got their start at Archie Comics. You could get your first brake at Archie too…

Which makes me cringe. “Brake in to” comics? Are they going to stop your career before it even starts? Poor proofreading aside, they’re right. People have started at Archie, gaining skill at creating short stories with known characters.

They’re holding weekly story contests (link no longer available), in which winners will have their stories posted online and receive a free year subscription to an Archie title. Each quarter, one of the weekly winners will be selected to have their story included in a digest “with special illustrations by Archie Comic artists!” So, not necessarily fully turned into a comic, but it’s a start. Plus, they’re giving writers story ideas to start with.

Looking at more of the rules and supporting material, the press release makes me wonder, since the PR seems aimed at the older direct market crowd, but the contest itself makes more sense for kids.

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  3. Rik Says:

    Sorry about the proof reading error. I didn’t catch it until after I sent the email. I did send out a correction but it wasn’t picked up.

    I sent out the first press release for this contest on July 22nd, and it was aimed at kids. I was asked, by fans, if we had an age restriction on submissions. The contest is open to everyone. I thought it was time for a second press release aimed at the older readers, so they would feel included too. The younger readers may not know about Mark Waid, Neal Adams, and Tom DeFalco and that is why they were not listed in the first press release, but they are appropriate for a follow press release aimed at older readers.

    I wish the focus at Comics Worth Reading was “Isn’t it nice that Archie wants to include the fans.” Or “This sounds like fun”. Because this is something fun for all of our fans young and old. There are not enough things done interactively with comic book fans. So I am proud that Archie Comics wants to do something that is different and creative.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Strange I didn’t see the correction post through my usual sources. I also don’t recall ever seeing the first press release, the one aimed at kids. You’re right, that does position the story differently… but if it’s crucial information, it should probably have been referenced in this release as well (since, as we’ve shown, it’s very possible much of your audience didn’t see the other item).

    Thanks for explaining the background.

    (As for you wishing my site had a different tone, well, that’s a conversation better had over drinks at a convention somewhere, I think. I’d be more excited about Archie involving the fans if the company didn’t have such a terrible track record of exploiting creators. Which is before your time, I know.)




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