Dark Horse Presents Relaunches Online

The anthology series Dark Horse Presents (1986-2000) has returned online on MySpace. They’ve launched with four free comics:

  • Sugarshock by Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon
  • Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba
  • Samurai: Heaven and Earth by Ron Marz and Luke Ross
  • The Comic-Con Murder Case by Rick Geary

The last was my favorite, although only the equivalent of two pages. And the comics are clearly paginated for print, probably to eventually be sold in collections. I had hopes for the Whedon strip, but I thought it was trying a bit too hard and wound up too frenetic. I’m probably just too old for it.

From the press release:

Site editors from both MySpace and Dark Horse Comics will search MySpace profiles for new talent to feature in every upcoming issue. New issues will be available exclusively on MySpace the first week of every month, with the second issue premiering the first week of September.

I hadn’t noticed this promise at first, but the audience clearly has, since half the threads on the attached forum at the time of this writing are pleas from youngsters to hire them.

I don’t understand why they’re sticking to a monthly schedule online, though. With at least four strips, weekly seems a better choice, to keep traffic coming back more frequently.

One Response to “Dark Horse Presents Relaunches Online”

  1. Charles RB Says:

    At first glance, I’m turned off – if it’s online and not meant for print, why has it been drawn and set up like it’s a print title, only with scroll-down? You miss most of the opening splash-page that way, it’s annoying.




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