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Online friend Hal Shipman has started a recipe blog I’m going to be reading. I’ve only had the pleasure of dining with Hal once1, when he took me to try some wonderful Indian food tucked away in a Chicago side street, but he knew his stuff!

So far, he’s talking about recipes he’s tried and what he’s learned about technique as a result. More pictures, Hal! That’s the best way, I think, to learn cooking — actually see it.

1 I’m half expecting him to show up and berate me for not remembering fan meals at conventions and such. That’s entirely possible.

3 Responses to “Another Recipe Source”

  1. Hal Shipman Says:

    Thanks for the hype, Johanna! And, no, your memory is correct – we have been ships in the night at conventions over the years. The pictures so far are lifted from their source (, not the actual product. I was thinking about pictures of my own efforts, so your comment was the kick in the pants I needed to add those.

  2. Dave Says:

    Johanna – thanks for pointing this blog out! I looked it over and bookmarked it and will be checking back regularly. Any other good cooking blogs you can recommend?

    I love to cook and I (and my wife!) just wish I had more time to do it. Right now, I’m only cooking dinner 2 or 3 times a week. Quick plug: I’ve been competent for years but I think my skills took a big leap forward a couple years ago when I started reading Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country, which is published by the folks who produce America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. Really good stuff, I think. Like Hal, I have reputation amongst my friends and family for being a great cook, but I’m just following recipes. The recipes from Cook’s, however, have taught me a heck of a lot and I’ve become a much better improviser/creator (which is what real cooking is all about, I think) as a result.

  3. Johanna Says:

    I don’t know of any other blogs, but there’s a good discussion group here:

    It’s true, cooking does take some time of investment, especially when it comes to figuring out what you’re making when and effectively using the leftovers. Cook’s is very handy for teaching technique, I agree.




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