Pick Archie’s Next Title

Archie Comics has announced:

In the 2nd quarter of 2008, Archie & Friends will be replaced with a new anthology title featuring both new characters and some of our best loved classic characters that have not seen the spotlight in some time. As part of the new title launch, 10 proposed titles will be placed on the archiecomics.com website and you can vote for the title you like best.

The ballot’s up now; vote at the link. The choices are

  • Archie Playground
  • Archie Fun House
  • Archie Toy Box
  • Archie Playhouse
  • Archie Plus Presents
  • Archie Anything Goes
  • Archie Theatre
  • Archie All-Stars
  • Archie Comic Publications Presents
  • On-Stage

That’s quite a gamut, with Playground and Toy Box sounding very young, and Anything Goes skewing much older. Me, I like Fun House because it reminds me of the vintage Mad House title.

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