Upcoming Manga Excitement

I’m looking forward to some announced titles. I thought I’d share, since I don’t want to get a reputation of being too negative, and it’s neat to have anticipation.

First, two 2008 Tokyopop titles (via ICv2). The first one is Manga Sutra, which is described as “a very educational manga about the trials and tribulations of a newlywed couple who are both virgins on their wedding day.” I’m fascinated by how cultures treat sex (because the rules get weirdest around that area), so this sounds amusing. Not to mention that I can’t wait to see just how “educational” it is. Here’s a writeup by someone who loves it.

Second is Gakuen Alice, “the saga of two schoolgirls whose friendship is tested when one of the girls is sent to a genius school for girls with special abilities (known as “Alices”).” As a survivor of geek school myself, this sounds like a shojo I can really get into.

On the Viz side, I’m really excited about Honey & Clover, due in March, after hearing Dirk Deppey rave about it. This story of life at a Tokyo art college will be released in both manga and anime formats.

Also coming to US anime: Nana!

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