Vogelein Update

The second Vogelein volume, Old Ghosts, was due out in July, but due to printer troubles, the release has been rescheduled for next month, with profuse apologies from the artist. (Even though it wasn’t her fault — if the printer can’t get the books up to the needed quality level after three tries, I don’t blame her for going elsewhere.)

On the plus side: that means they’ll be available at SPX!

2 Responses to “Vogelein Update”

  1. Dave Carter Says:

    I for one am glad that she waited to get it done right; Vögelein is worth waiting for!

  2. Janer Says:

    Dave, you are far too kind. Fortunately for me, the majority of fans I’ve spoken with so far have shared your opinion. I’m certainly one lucky creator.





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