Ellison/Fantagraphics Suit Resolution

The Ellison/Fantagraphics lawsuit resolution has been made available (link no longer available).

I’m glad I already have a copy of The Comics Journal Library: The Writers, because future printings (if there are any) won’t including Harlan Ellison’s interview. Ellison also gets what he wanted in terms of the upcoming Comics As Art: We Told You So retrospective book… his paragraphs will be removed. But sometimes it’s easier to give the crazily determined what they want to get them to go away.

I do like the bit about

Both parties must refrain from making “ad hominem attacks” on each other as long as they are alive and/or Fantagraphics is in existence.

Although I foresee arguments about whether something was legitimate criticism or an attack, given the parties involved.

Update: The key documents and case history have been posted at tcj.com.

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