Inanna’s Tears Flash Trailer Debuts on CWR

Post by Rob Vollmar

Greetings! This is the Flash trailer for my newest comic series, Inanna’s Tears. As my normal function here at Comics/Manga Worth Reading headquarters is as a reviewer of manga, it may come as a shock to more casual readers that in addition to my rude habit of criticizing other people’s work, I exhibit equally bad taste in my insistence on scripting a few of my own. I try to treat both disciplines like disassociated personalities and encourage them not to interact any more than is absolutely necessary for reasons both creative and ethical.

That said, Johanna had asked that I post a release notice for Inanna’s Tears #1 to let interested C/MWR readers know that it was out there in their local stores. I just so happened to have a fully-scored, forty-five second Flash trailer for the series laying around on my hard drive and thought, “You know, maybe I should let someone else see this…”

Wheels turned. E-mails flew and here we are.

The trailer was created by Robert Butler, a graphic designer from Dallas, Texas, working over a score that was composed by Ryan Jones (of the Dorian Small Band) and me and performed/recorded by Ryan.

Inanna’s Tears is a proto-historical tragedy, delivered in five acts, set in ancient Sumer circa 3000 BCE. Series co-creator mpMann and I pre-serialized Inanna’s Tears online at Modern Tales from January to June of 2007, and the series immediately transitioned into print with Archaia Studios Press with its debut at the San Diego Comicon this year. I wrote this introduction for Inanna’s Tears when it debuted at Modern Tales and was later interviewed by the most excellent Shaenon Garrity over it.

Interested parties are also invited to the Archaia Studios Press website to learn more about buying a copy of Inanna’s Tears #1 for themselves. $3.95, 25 pgs + house ads, full-color, five issues total and shipping bi-monthly through April 2008. Intended for mature readers due to non-sexualized female nudity and graphic violence.

8 Responses to “Inanna’s Tears Flash Trailer Debuts on CWR”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    Not only does it run over the margins, it immediately loads and begins hogging systems resources.

    Way to make me hate the product, guys.

  2. Rob Vollmar Says:


    I can’t make you hate anything. That’s a decision you make for yourself.

    I’m just technically incompetent enough (as you can see) that all I can really do is register your complaint and thank you for your time.

    So, complaint noted and thanks!

  3. James Schee Says:

    First up the book does look interesting, so good luck guys.

    I can understand David’s annoyance though. I’ve always had CWR as my home page, as the site has always been one of my must reads. Yet if I was on dial up still or had a computer with limited resources I’d have to change that rather than bother with it loading every time I ventured to the site.

  4. Johanna Says:

    It’ll scroll off soon enough, was my thinking, and I wanted to try it as an experiment. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. David Oakes Says:

    You are right, Mr. Vollmar, what I choose to hate is entirely up to me. But by the same token, what I choose to like is also by my hand alone. And yet you felt the need to share this product with us. Why? Because you like it, and you want other people to like it. (I am completely ignoring “created by” here.) But you come off as technically incompetant when it overrides the design of the page, and doubly so when it begins to run everytime I load the page, whther I want to see it or not. And then you try to place the blame on me. I have no idea what this product is, and already it has three strikes against it. Your target audience will probably be more forgiving, but they shouldn’t have to be.

  6. Johanna Says:

    David, don’t be a jerk. The “technical incompetence” in this case is mine, because I don’t know enough yet about Flash and I thought it would be an interesting learning experience. Don’t blame Rob because I invited him to share it.

  7. Rich Says:

    Looks pretty cool to me. Good luck with the book.


  8. Inanna’s Tears » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Mann’s art does a nice job of making the Sumerian reliefs come to life. The stylized minimalism works well to evoke a feeling of ancient times. The use of muted colors makes it seem like we are looking through the veil of time. (See a sample in the book’s Flash trailer.) […]




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