Two Bully Posts

Several people have linked to Bully’s word count post, comparing a comic page then (1964) and now-ish (2001). I think most of them are reading too much into it (a position the author seems to share), because neither example make good comics. The ideal is a blend of words and pictures where synergy occurs, making something better than either taken separately.

Trends happen cyclically, and they’re usually taken too far before they swing back the other way.

Speaking of swinging, I was much more taken with Bully’s take on that song standard Swinging on a Star. (Which I can’t hear about without thinking of Hudson Hawk.)

Hulk fights rocks and trees

Not only does he blend words and pictures very creatively, but he included one of my favorite Hulk sequences. Although I think he’s a bit hard on Clint.

3 Responses to “Two Bully Posts”

  1. Bully Says:

    Thanks for the links! And I think you hit the nail on the head very well.

    I can’t quite explain how Hawkeye became the perpetual whipping boy over at Comics Oughta Be Fun!, but he’s got a pretty good humor about it. Whenever he shoots an arrow at me he usually misses, or just aims for my butt. I keep telling him “stop using all the unsettling slang and I’ll stop teasing you, Mister Barton!” But he’s too into that groove to stop. You can’t, as Miss Lance once confided to me, teach an old archer new tricks.

  2. The Mutt Says:

    Hawkeye is not a pig. He worships the ladies. And they worship him. Because chicks dig confidence, right babe?

  3. Thad Says:

    You know, I’ve recently been struck by how much longer it takes me to read, say, 22 pages of Love and Rockets than 22 pages of…anything else I’ve been reading lately.

    I picked up that big ol’ $50 Palomar hardback and made my way through the first Heartbreak Soup story — I’d remembered it being quite a long read, and I was right, but it’s only two 22-page chapters.




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