Richmond Artists on TV

According to Velocity Comics, the creators of Strange Detective Tales, Jesse Bausch and James Callahan, will be appearing on CBS This Morning, the local early morning show (6-7 AM) on Tuesday, August 28.

There will also be a release party at Velocity on Thursday from 7-9 PM featuring “original art, signings by the creators, and as an added bonus ANYONE WHO PURCHASES ANY ODDGOD PRESS PUBLICATION WILL GET 20% OFF THEIR ENTIRE PURCHASE.”

2 Responses to “Richmond Artists on TV”

  1. Pitzer Says:

    I thought I recorded the right time, but I never saw them. You?

  2. Johanna Says:

    No, I didn’t either. But as hubby pointed out, it was a big news day with all that Michael Vick stuff, so they may have been bumped. Unfortunately, I can’t go to the release party and ask about it.




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