Wizard Cancels Gaming Magazine

InQuest Gamer magazine, published by Wizard Entertainment, will cease publication next month. The magazine was aimed at collectible card gamers, including a price guide for such cards. The publication website (no longer available) has a short notice that states

After many years of producing InQuest Gamer magazine, we have decided to discontinue its publication effective September 2007. We will continue to support gaming in our industry leading magazines, online, and at our conventions. We thank our dedicated staff for all their hard work, as well as our partners and readership for their loyal support.

At the site message board (no longer available), they state in response to a subscriber query, “All subscribers will be receiving written notification of the cancellation as well as what options are available to them. Yes, unfortunately some staffers had to be let go.”

2 Responses to “Wizard Cancels Gaming Magazine”

  1. mark thorpe Says:

    I almost feel sorry for Wizard. I don’t know anyone who reads their monthly offering anymore. Obscure word balloon humor, frustrating inside jokes, nerd stroke pictures of comic heroines and sci-fi actresses, have made this book unreadable. Who wants to read the five hundereth interveiw with Brian Bendis? I can only imagine how bad the gaming magazine must have been. Honestly, somebody needs to have a sit down with all of the writers and editors and just – like a bandaid – let them have it, get it over with. Tell them: y’know guys, you’re not funny. You’re just not. All that Kevin Smithian humor you try to pull off just doesn’t work. And girls don’t like you, even if they pretend to.

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