Spidey Screws Up: How Ambulances Work

Looking for another reason to hate the current Spider-Man story? A doctor tells you why the medicine and procedures don’t make sense in Amazing Spider-Man #544.

Even if Peter is arrested — and even if he is sent to prison in the Negative Zone — Aunt May’s medical care will not suffer. Frankly, the hospital personnel don’t care one whit about him; they care about Aunt May.

Nevertheless, Peter decides that Aunt May needs to be moved to a different hospital. Why? Not for her sake, certainly. She’s getting good care at the first hospital, and the care at the second hospital will not be as good, at least at first. To begin with, the second hospital is not going to have the medical records she’s amassed since her admission.

This is what happens when writers and editors are more concerned with getting to point Q for a character — Peter needs to feel even more guilty! because that’s what made the character good thirty years ago! only now the stakes are even higher! — without carefully thinking about what comes between where they are now and there. As Scott goes on to say,

I further understand that this comic is a prime example of modern Marvel storytelling (get the character from plot point A to plot point B and damn the torpedoes). It just pains me to see common sense and logic (and good medical care) thrown out the window to achieve these goals.

Yup. I agree.

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