Maisie Kukoc Minicomic Award

I’ve been asked to vote for the Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration, a new award whose winner is announced at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR. It was first established last year.

(Why are all the minicomic-specific awards on the west coast? The same is true of the Isotope Award, which I was a judge for earlier this year.)

The Kukoc Award comes with a cash prize, $350, which is a very nice gesture. (Next year, they hope it will be $400.)

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with many of this year’s nominees. I’ll have to do some research before voting. (It would have been nice if the award site had included some links.) I’m not sure I should vote, actually, without being able to see the particular issues nominated. Without them, I’m relying on other people’s opinions. One of the nominees, Andy Hartzell, has the advantage of having his book picked up by Top Shelf, which provides him much more name recognition than the others, always a problem with ballots of this sort.

If you read “hand-made, self-published comics” and you’d like to participate, you can find information on requesting your own ballot at that link.

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