Death Note Adaptations on Their Way

Maybe by the time the movies are available I’ll have had time to start reading the manga series!

Viz has announced that they will be bringing the two Death Note live-action films to the US, with exhibition at a couple of film festivals, followed by the DVDs in Summer 2008. Fun fact: “Both films star Takeshi Kaga, who is widely known by North American audiences as the flamboyant host of TV’s Iron Chef.”

Also on its way, the Death Note anime, starting October 20 at midnight as part of the Adult Swim programming on the Cartoon Network. (That means it’ll likely be dubbed.)

Still not enough? Check out John’s coverage of additional Death Note tie-ins.

The films and anime may be better choices for me at this point for sampling… I’ve heard such mixed things about the series wrapup.


  1. I got to watch some imports of the DVDs that a friend bought off ebay. To me they are better than the books. I didn’t realize that Light’s dad was played by the Iron host guy though, interesting!

  2. I have not read one of the Manga Books as of yet, but I want to ( inbetween all the other books I am currently perusing ) but I did have the experience of being able to sell a rather large box set of Death Note items last year, and at $199.00, they actually sold very quick, and this was my only exposure to Death Note at the time, so I am happy to see that there is alot more Death Note coming down the pipe. I’ll try to catch the run on Adult Swim.

    Thanks for the update Johanna.


  3. The manga is superior to the anime for the first half of the show until, well, I wont spoil what happens, but it’s until Mello and Near come in. The anime does a very good job with most of the content and is definitely worth a look if you’re interested. It changes some minor things, but the manga offers more of everything in terms of exposition and dialogue and build up to the story.

    The only part the anime does better is the Mello / Near stuff, but I think the ending in the last episode is worse than the final in the manga. The epilogue for the managa was much better too.

    That said, either is a great choice. Not sure on the english translations, but the original stuff is great. Hopefully they dont dub the movie or if they do, they actually get some decent voice actors.

    Kirk Warren
    The Weekly Crisis

  4. I’m SO glad I got to read the original manga first. I’ll admit that the series does lose a little momentum in the second half, but even if I’d only read that second half it’d still be the best manga I’ve read all year.

  5. I’ve only read the preview chapter that Viz published in Shonen Jump, but I have seen both live-action films and they are superb. The films wrap things up completely different from manga, from what I am told, but in such a way that I wasn’t sure exactly how the manga could have continued.

    Also, and yes this is worth mentioning, the CG and effects do not suffer the same “Stepped out of a Playstation game from 1996″ effect as most other manga/anime to movie adaptations recently (Devilman, I’m looking at you).

    The films are definitely recommended viewing.

  6. I’ve read the whole manga series and watched a lot of the anime. I have to say, it’s one of the few manga with a storyline that has kept me on the edge of my seat and even near tears. With 12 volumes and up to 37 episodes for the anime, I believe this will go over extremely well for anyone newly introduced to manga.

    I have to say that the manga is far better than the anime. I believe so because the ending in the manga was far more entertaining and revealed so much of Light’s character than the ending of the anime. I understand they had to keep the last episode going for 23 minutes, but they could’ve done so much more and still kept to the manga ending instead of rushing off the edge like they did.

    They anime was what got me really into the series. I started watching it a week or two after it originally came out. After a couple of episodes I bought my first manga and kept buying them until the most recently released volume 12.

    For anyone who hasn’t read the series, do know that it takes a lot of remembering and thinking. Sometimes the character(s) will say so much in just one panel that you might have to take awhile to absorb it or you may have to go back a volume or two to re-read a Death Note rule or event. Other than that, the series is very entertaining and includes a lot of human-like thinking and reacting rather than the cliche events of the main character always getting out of serious situations. The human-like attributes also remind me of the series Gantz whose characters are extremely human like when it comes down to thinking about things.

  7. I saw both DN films at AX this summer and, even though I’ve never read any of the manga, I really enjoyed them and would like to see them again. The guy who played L was wonderful and the Happy Sweets girl was lethally cute.

  8. I have only read up to Volume 3 of the series and already I’m reading online that the second story arc is disappointing. Nevertheless, I will still try to make it up to Volume 8.

    I have never been so enthralled with a manga like this before. Manga, in general, seemed to be very cliche and regular up until I started reading this series. People are even saying the second story arc is better than most manga!

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