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You may have noticed a simplified design at the website as of last night. While testing my new smartphone, I realized that the previous layout wasn’t friendly to small screens or alternative reading methods. So I dropped the left column, making the new content the first thing a reader will see, no matter the presentation. Index lists (categories, recent posts) were moved to the bottom of the page, resulting in a simplified right sidebar, and I removed the top banner ad, because it annoyed me. As always, comments are welcome.

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9 Responses to “Site Redesign”

  1. Karen R Says:

    I like it, simple is good :)

  2. Justin Says:

    I for one appreciate it, now I can check out the site on my DS with less fuss. Always nice to have that option.

  3. Eric Says:

    It’s nice. Less clutter is better.

  4. Kirk Warren Says:

    Looks good to me. Less clutter is always better. Never really thought about people that view pages on phones. You could have used a different style sheet to display the page though. They can be set up to load depending on if the person has a mobile or certain resolution or whatever you want really.

    Either way, looks good to me.

    Kirk Warren
    The Weekly Crisis

  5. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad it’s working for people.

  6. JD Says:

    [CSS] can be set up to load depending on if the person has a mobile or certain resolution or whatever you want really.

    As a mobile web developer, I can say that these specialized CSS are very unreliable, and their support is limited to a very short list of mobile phones (and let’s not get started on the use of external CSS, which is rarely a good idea on mobile phones…)

  7. James Schee Says:

    Hmm still doesn’t work on my cell’s browser, but it easy to read. Plus I’m glad to get rid of the Witchblade tentacle porn looking ad on top.

  8. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, Sorry to be so late in posting this. But called up the webpage on my Treo and it looks awesome. Now I can read your site while driving! (Kidding, I promise.)

  9. Johanna Says:

    Don’t you dare! I don’t want to lose valued readers to traffic accidents!

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