Cool Things I’m Looking Forward To


The Saga of the Super Sons collection! Chris at the ISB talks about how cool and wacky these Bob Haney stories are. I just remember reading to shreds the one about the Western town and the immortal whip-cracking Belle Dubois and Clark Jr. freaking out when he realized the mystical time warp had taken his powers and he saw his own blood. (That’s from World’s Finest #242.)

Hawaiian Dick #1. Newsarama’s got six pages of the first issue of the new series due in a month or so.

Most exciting, Zot! back in print! It’s not the whole series — the first 10 color issues won’t be included — but the gem of the run, the last few character study issues (the “Earth stories”), will finally be in a book with a spine, 20 years after the series started. Concentrating on the black-and-white work keeps the cost reasonable, and as it is, it’s still almost 600 pages. $23 in July 2008, debuting at the San Diego Con. Extras “include extensive commentary by McCloud on its creation, as well as much never-before-seen material.” Get the previous collection of the first ten issues while it’s still affordable.

Between Zot! (the first independent comic series I read and loved) and Understanding Comics (which showed me how to take comics seriously), Scott McCloud is responsible for the life I have today. God bless him (and by extension, Kurt Busiek).

2 Responses to “Cool Things I’m Looking Forward To”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Woo Hoo!!!!!! I still have the single issues I traded you and KC for but it will be great to have them in a trade. Especially since there is one issue I never got to read!

  2. Rick Phillips Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Saga of the Supersons TPB. Till recently I have never read one of them. I found one at a store a few days ago and plan to review it on Wednesday.




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