Project Rooftop Costume Contest

It’s almost October, which means thoughts turn to costumes. Project Rooftop announces its second annual “Fights, Flights, & Tights” contest. Their twist, based on their site’s purpose, is to come up with (and wear!) “a cool, original costume that redesigns a classic superhero or villain”.

Send your photos to along with your name, age, and website (if any) by October 21. (My birthday!) First prize winner gets their costume version drawn by the very talented Dean Trippe. Here’s some cool pictures from last year. I like the creativity involved — it’s not just mimicking comic art (which sometimes is darn near impossible), but bringing your own twist to a favorite character.

2 Responses to “Project Rooftop Costume Contest”

  1. brian1954 Says:

    GOOD LORD! *choke* IT’S… IT’S… COSPLAY!

    You’ve gone too far, Johanna.
    Please, more GN reviews, less of this demented… stuff.

    Next you’ll be into furries… please don’t let that happen…

  2. Johanna Says:

    Why are you surprised? It’s not the first time cosplay has shown up on this blog. :)

    And I could never be a furry … due to allergies, I just had to get rid of my stuffed animals. :(

    Seriously, I am meaning to get more ahead on reviews, and I appreciate the humorous feedback.




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