Charging to Enter Awards

ForeWord Magazine is now accepting entries for their Book of the Year Awards. They aim to “bring increased attention from librarians and booksellers to the literary achievements of independent publishers and their authors”, which may be why they feel justified in charging $70 per book to enter their competition. That may also be why they listed 216 winners last year, to provide some payback to as many of the entries as possible.

They say they had nearly 1400 entries, which means almost $98,000 in entry fees. Nice chunk of change! And they only offered two $1500 prizes to grand winners.

3 Responses to “Charging to Enter Awards”

  1. Tomym Raiko Says:

    Well, that does seem to be a big discrepancy between the award’s seeming entry fee revenue and the cash prizes awarded (admittedly, without knowing all the expenses ForeWord may have in administering these awards.)

    Plenty of folks do think that charging entry fees compromise an award’s credibility, but there are plenty of awards that manage to charge fees and still maintain a level of prestige and credibility (the Pulitzer comes to mind, or things like the Society of Illustrator awards/exhibition/annual book that has features some comics artists.)

    That said, it is worth realizing that an award that charges entry fees may have its focus split between the windfall revenue those fees generate and the higher mission of the award itself.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I can see where some awards would need a filter for entrants, which a fee would accomplish, but I’m not sure that’s necessary in this case.

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