Vote for Hot Shojo Boys

Tokyopop’s hosting a hottest shojo boy contest (link no longer available). Fan votes will determine which of 16 of their characters is most popular. It’s an elimination tournament with new voting rounds every Friday.

I’m voting for Matt from Dramacon, although Momo from Tramps Like Us is also included. And based on the counts when I voted, every character I care about is losing.


  1. This contest made me realize how of the loop I am with Tokyopop’s series. Except for Momo, I didn’t recognize any of them.

  2. I felt the same way, Dawn. I guess this is meant to draw more attention to the various series, but I would have needed more information about them for that to be successful.

  3. Like… WHAT?!? Ikuto from shugo chara is just be-yond hot!!!! He’s sooooo gorge that I cried -yes! Cried- when she ended up with that little kid tadase!!!! I suppose amu was like 5 years younger than him but he deserves his title as most amazingly hot anime guy ever!!!!! The only others who could come close personality wise is takashima kei from special a or Raven from earl and fairy!!!

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