Newsarama Sells Out

I couldn’t resist the snarky headline. Newsarama announced this morning (link no longer available) that they had been acquired by Imaginova, “a digital media and commerce company focused on science and technology”.

The new parent dubbed their acquisition “comic book industry’s most popular news source” and in their press release (link no longer available), “the media property of record for the global comic book community.” It’s their first purchase in the “genre entertainment” field. Hopefully, they’ll learn why this sentence is in error: “Newsarama is the source for anyone interested in the comic book genre.” Also,

Newsarama Senior Editors Michael Doran and Matt Brady will join the staff of Imaginova’s award-winning editorial team and will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations of the site.

I wonder how long that will last? After all, this means that it’s not their site any more, right? I’m certain that the company wants to keep their expertise, though. Christopher Butcher responds to announcement response.

11 Responses to “Newsarama Sells Out”

  1. D. Says:

    The core content won’t change, they’re getting a nice redesign (it sounds like), Michael and Matt are still on board, and they’ll have more staff and resources than before. What’s wrong with that?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Nothing. I just found myself wondering “what if?”, especially since Imaginova seems to think they’re a news site, something the founders have disavowed in the past (claiming they’re just “entertainment”).

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    Matt and Mike just signed the biggest Zuda contract in on-line comics. Or is it more along the lines of a Platinum contract? I’ve lost track already. I hope it all works out in their favor. Goodness knows this will save them a lot of advertising dollar chasing.

  4. Charles LePage Says:

    “XXX is the source for anyone interested in the YYY genre” is a fairly common and generic statement for a purchasing company to make. I’ve been criticized for saying my Beach Boys site is the best BB site in existence, but why not promote yourself?

    If not Newsarama, then whom? Who is “the source?”

  5. John Jakala Says:

    I assumed Johanna’s complaint with that quote was that comics are a medium, not a genre. (Although with Newsarama, it frequently feels as though comics are a genre, namely superheroes.)

    The bit that stuck me as amusing was the blurb that Newsarama’s editors would now be part of an “award-winning editorial team” since Newsarama’s editing has never been its strong point.

  6. Charles LePage Says:

    Augie, the Newsarama brand name has changed hands so many times, I’ve lost track myself. Thankfully, when it became part of Fandom/AU/Mania about 7 years ago, I turned down the offer of making my new releases lists exclusive to AU. Otherwise, most likely, when they went down, I probably would have gone down with them.

    Speaking of which, some site called once tried to pay me to go away… whatever became of them?

  7. Johanna Says:

    John gets it right! The funny part of that claim about the “comic book genre” is that they follow it by talking about Newsarama’s anime and manga coverage, so clearly someone thinks they do more than superheroes.

    Charles, the Newsarama link lists all the sites they’ve been associated with, a nice walk back through the ages.

  8. Charles LePage Says:

    Thanks, Johanna.

    Maybe they are going to start doing more than superheroes now that they’ve merged?

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  10. Jim Perreault Says:

    You know, I’ve heard the term “genre” misused so often that I’ve automatically started converting it to “niche” or “cult”. Nine times out of ten that is what they mean.

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