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I don’t do Previews writeups much any more — I didn’t have much to say about the same kinds of comics month after month, I don’t preorder as much as I used to, and I usually run so late that it wasn’t helping anyone out — but I do want to call your attention to something in the latest catalog.

Ben Towle‘s Midnight Sun is about a reporter sent to cover a missing expedition to the North Pole. Towle describes it in the press release as “historical fiction… heavy on the fiction…. what I really wanted to do was use the events of the crash and the personal dynamics of the stranded crewmembers to examine more universal themes like the interaction between fate and conscious choice, leadership and democracy, and love and obligation.” The Diamond order code is OCT07 3222. Check out the trailer.

6 Responses to “Midnight Sun Due in December”

  1. Jim Kosmicki Says:

    Slave Labor, ever willing to try new things, had a promotion a few weeks back where you could pre-order this book at a very good discount. I’m assuming that it was to goose the orders to be able to have a better print run. They’ve also been having free merchandise giveaways (I’m sure on overstock items) in order to promote interest in some of their creators and titles. add into this their strong commitment to digital downloads, and Slave Labor may be pointing the way for small publishers to break free of Diamond’s overwhelming control.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Great points. Slave Labor is one of the most creative publishers out there in terms of trying new avenues. It may be out of necessity, but it’s still inspiring.

  3. Ben Towle Says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention, Johanna!

    As far as the pre-order promotion goes, I think it’s still in effect–just enter “msun” as a coupon code when you check out at the SLG store and you get 30% off cover. I’m not really privy to the business goings on at SLG, but I’d guess that the idea behind the deep discount is to maybe match Amazon and B&N’s price?


  4. Dan Vado Says:

    First, many thanks Johanna for the mention of Ben’s book. I honestly and sincerely appreciate it.

    The deep pre-order discount on our site is kind of a test to see if people will indeed order a book if price becomes less of an obstacle. While we are, in essence, price matching to Amazon.com we are not trying to compete with them or retailers in general although in practice that becomes the case. When we have something like a new Vasquez or Dirge book that retailers will go out of their way to push (and the irony of course is that the books that need the least amount of pushing get the most because everyone bets on a winner) we don’t need to do something like a deep preorder discount.

    But, with something like Midnight Sun, where we might have only one opportunity to capture a sale, well we have to make the best of that opportunity. Its doubtful that if someone saw it on the site or saw the video on YOUTIUBE that they would go into a comic store and preorder a book that won’t be outfor two more months.

    We do link to Amazon and our store has our own personal store locator on it, so people CAN find avenues other than the SLG site. But, they will probably never see or hear of it again once they leave our site.

    Hence, the discount.


  5. Johanna Says:

    I think it makes perfect sense. Thank you very much for explaining.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Sounds interesting. The use of the snow and such in the art reminds me of an old favorite Whiteout. I’ll put this down for strong consideration next time I place an order through amazon.




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